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How can you ensure the viability of product success, market adoption and understanding of how you stack up against your competitors?

Uncovering knowledge, including industry trends and influences on buying decisions and competitive intelligence can boost your company’s potential to succeed.

Partnering with a leading industry media house ensures a sample selection from an active global audience wanting to provide their professional insights and opinions.

With WATT Global Media’s research services, you can increase confidence in your messaging, audience targeting strategies and competitive standing. Our professional researchers have the experience to recommend the right research methodology to meet your budget and achieve your objectives.

No project is too large or small. Contact us and your WATT Global Media Sales Manager will work with you on program specifications and pricing information.


>> In-depth audience analysis
>> Market expansion
>> Brand awareness
>> Product concept testing
>> Brand building
>> Strategic planning
>> Competitive Benchmarking

Case Studies

Product Development

NEEDS: To aid new product development, an equipment and machinery company wanted to learn more about manufacturers’ production needs for a particular product.

SOLUTION: Develop a survey leveraging the well-known manufacturer’s brand to provide its new product development department with relevant information from current or potential buyers.

RESULTS: The response rate exceeded the client’s expectations and demonstrated respondents were willing to provide information directly to an industry manufacturer. The results of the study were submitted to product development to help guide the team as they design new equipment and machinery.

Brand Awareness

NEEDS: A feed ingredient supplier needed to measure perceptions and awareness for their brand and specific products, as well as its competitors’, among poultry and swine growers and nutritionists in Asia and Latin America.

SOLUTION: Develop a brief online questionnaire to maximize responses in a short time period. WATT’s Spanish content editor translated the questionnaire into Spanish for distribution. The client specified job functions for target respondents in the poultry and swine industries in Asia, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

RESULTS: Insights from the respondents led the client to differentiate marketing messages and tactics to clear up misperceptions about their brand and confusion with competitors.

Qualitative Research

NEEDS: A supplier of feed mill information management solutions required a deeper understanding of customer needs before planning product enhancements and marketing outreach.

SOLUTION: Qualitative research in the form of in-depth interviews with a small number of selected customers and prospects. WATT research team solicited respondents for individual phone interviews, collaborated with the client to develop interview questions and prepared a comprehensive report summarizing themes from interview transcripts.

RESULTS: The client gained actionable insights, which translated into plans that were implemented in product improvements and have been enthusiastically received by customers.

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