What if you could boost your company’s exposure at trade shows and drive traffic to your booth by targeting the mobile devices of attendees?

During large-scale trade shows in the agrifood industry, it is a priority to get noticed by attendees before and after the event. With Geofencing, your company can specify any building with an address (e.g., convention centers). Then, a virtual “geofence” is traced around an event location. When people enter the area during the event timeframe, they become part of a targeted audience and are served your ad on various websites (e.g.,,, while they browse the internet.

With Geofencing, you are served your ad on various mobile apps that require location services (e.g., weather, maps, Yelp). Then they are retargeted across desktop and mobile while they browse the internet.

Please provide at least 5 different banner ads and  URL hyperlinks for each campaign. We recommend the 5 highlighted banner ad sizes which represent 94% of potential inventory. We encourage submitting the 300 x 600 because it averages more than double the CTR of the other sizes. We encourage submitting more creatives. Typically, the more banners submitted the better the campaign result.

(Note our retargeting platform does not take third party ad server tags at this time.)


  • Animated and non-animated images
  • Format: gif, jpg, png
  • Max size: 150 kb

Animated gif:

  • Length: 30 seconds or shorter
  • Animations can be looped, but the animations must stop after 30 seconds
  • Animated GIF ads must be slower than 5 FPS
300w x 250h - medium rectangle
728w x 90h - leaderboard
160w x 600h - wide skyscraper
320w x 50h - mobile banner
300w x 600h - half-page ad

Additional sizes - square and rectangle

200w x 200h - small square

250w x 250h - square

336w x 280h - large rectangle

240w x 400h - vertical rectangle

250w × 360h - triple widescreen

580w × 400h - netboard

Additional sizes - Skyscraper

120w x 600h - skyscraper

300 x 1050 - Portrait

Additional sizes - leaderboard

468w x 60h - banner

930 × 180 - top banner

970 × 90 - large leaderboard

970 × 250 - billboard

980 × 120 - panorama

Additional sizes - Mobile

300w x 50h - mobile banner

320w x 100h - large mobile banner

Regionally available ad sizes

If your campaign focus is Poland, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, or Norway, consider adding additional regionally available sizes detailed here.

Important Information

Contact your WATT Global Media Sales Manager for pricing and details on which industry events are available for this program.

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