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What if you could reach an audience of pet food decision-makers who read the magazine as much for advertising as for articles?

Extend beyond the limits of print to engage a targeted global audience at a deeper level. Your company stands out using digital specialty ads and interactive enhancements in Petfood Industry magazine.

Digital ads can:

  • Offer readers the ability to consume content in multiple ways
  • Provide benefits of an interactive platform with the familiarity of traditional print
  • Grab readers’ attention, encouraging the in-depth engagement that facilitates decision making
Contact your WATT sales manager for information and pricing:

Digital Enhanced Display Ad

Turn your print ad into an engaging content experience and make a more memorable impression on qualified decision-makers.

  • Specifically designed for digital devices
  • Complements print ads and gives engaged buyers more information
  • Strengthens ad recall, especially with the power of video
  • ¼-page or larger
  • Can include embedded video, registration or contest forms, audio files and more

Digital Blow-in Ad

Place an ad near a relevant editorial article to position your brand as the solution to market challenges.

  • Several options for placement (on the front cover if available or on top of inside pages)
  • Simple, relevant message on your industry solutions
  • One-sided ad either with animated or non-animated image
  • Image size: 5.5” width x 5” height

Digital Table of Contents (TOC) Ad

Gain visibility while readers navigate using the digital edition. A TOC ad appears at the bottom of the TOC in Turnstyle Page View and is a single ad for all page views.

  • Ad is associated with individual issues, unless otherwise specified and is displayed at the bottom of the TOC
  • Ad is visible whenever the TOC is open and cannot be closed
  • Image size: maximum 300 width x 250 height pixels (smaller is okay, but an image taller than 250 pixels high will cause display problems on smaller screens)

Digital Belly Strip

Market your message in a prominent and impactful location where your placement is the first thing readers see when they open a digital edition. Leverage your ad to direct qualified readers to your relevant content or bolster brand visibility.

  • Horizontal placement across cover without interference of other ads
  • One-sided animated or non-animated ad displaying on top of front cover of an issue
  • Image size: 7” width x 4“ height

Digital Cover Tip

Lock in exclusive placement to ensure your ad gets noticed and maximize your return on investment. Your company secures optimal brand visibility and gains the same creative enhancements as with a digitally enhanced display.

  • Full-page format and premium placement at start of digital edition
  • Two-sided flipping back and forth like the front/back of a printed page

NOTE: For all ads, ad design and form creation services are available; additional fees apply.

Digital Blow-in Ad

  • Digital blow-ins are 1-sided ads
  • Format: .jpg, .gif, animated .gif.
  • Size: 5.5" width x 5" height (1651 pixels width x 1501 pixels height).
  • Color must be CMYK.
  • Resolution must be between 150 and 300 dpi.
  • Please supply a URL link for the blow-in ad, if required, based on your ad design.

Digital Table of Contents (TOC) Ad

  • TOC ads are 1-sided ads
  • Format: jpg, .gif, animated .gif
  • Size: maximum 300 width x 250 height in pixels (smaller is okay, but an image taller than 250 pixels high will cause display problems on smaller screens)
  • Support for JavaScript ad tags: ad tag must work in an iFrame
  • Please supply a URL for the TOC ad, if the ad is to be linked

Digital Belly Strip

  • A digital belly strip is a one-sided animated or non-animated ad that displays on top of the front cover of an issue.
  • Format: .jpg, .gif, animated .gif.
  • Size: 7" width x 4" height (840 pixels width x 480 pixels height).
  • Color must be CMYK.
  • Background color may fill the entire ad.
  • Resolution must be between 150 and 300 dpi.
  • Please supply a URL link for the belly strip ad.

Digital Cover Tip or Digital Insert Tip

A digital cover tip is 2-sided and will display on the front cover of the issue. A digital insert tip is 2-sided and will display within the body of the issue.

  • A PDF will be required for each side, and they will flip back and forth (much like a printed page).
  • Specs for each of the 2 PDFs are: Width: 7.625" wide(194mm) Height: 10.25" tall (260mm) maximum
  • Resolution must be a minimum of 300 dpi, and color must be CMYK.”
If you have any questions regarding print specialty ad specifications, please email Jim Riedl

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