Boost your company’s exposure at Petfood Forum and additional conferences and trade shows your company attends and exhibits at, and drive traffic to your booth by targeting the mobile devices of attendees at those events.  During large-scale conferences and exhibitions like Petfood Forum the pet food industry, it is a priority to get noticed by attendees before and after the event. With Geofencing, your company can specify coverage in any building with an address (e.g., convention centers) where the conference and exhibition is taking place. . Then, a virtual “geofence” is traced around that event location. When people enter the area during the event timeframe, they become part of a targeted audience and are served your digital advertisement on various websites (e.g.,,, while they browse the internet.

With Geofencing, qualified industry segments attending live events are served your advertisement on various mobile apps that require location services (e.g., weather, maps, Yelp). Then they are retargeted across desktop and mobile while they browse the internet.

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Contact your Petfood Industry Sales Manager for pricing and details on which industry events are available for this program.

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