Attract and engage decision makers along their buyers journey

The B2B buying process has changed and buyers now rely more on self education rather than sales relationships to conduct product or service research and in their quest to maintain consistent visibility. At any given time qualified decision makers who could be in any stage of their buyers journey are accessing our Petfood brand of media properties. The marketing funnel provides a framework for strategies to consider for attracting prospects as they begin their buyers journey. The Petfood brand product portfolio makes it easy to create a multi-faceted plan that creates brand awareness and qualified lead flow within any given stage in the funnel.

Source WATT Global Media pet food audience survey June 2021:


Have been or are a decision maker or influencer on a project to evaluate new technologies, products, or solutions.


Use industry media websites to research products or services their company may need.


Plan to evaluate new technologies, products or equipment within the next 18 months.

Stage one: AWARENESS

The top of the marketing funnel corresponds to the awareness stage in the buyers journey. This is where prospects have a pain, issue, or challenge but may not realize there is a solution. You can wake them up to that pain so they start paying attention to potential solutions. Capturing mindshare early on gives you a significant advantage in steering their decision making process.

Pet food industry decision makers primary sources of information when they start thinking about a purchase are:

Magazine advertising 78%
Industry events &/ conferences 60%
Online advertising 76%

What can you do?

Always be Visible

The easiest way to make your brand visible is to show up where they are already spending their time. Aligning your brand with relevant trusted content will build trust for your brand and inspire action. Your messaging should build interest in your brand by demonstrating a solution to the problem and positioning you as an industry authority. Make your brand visible at all times using:


As pet food industry professionals take steps to grow their business they are seeking guidance from information sources along the way. Now aware that a solution exists, they are actively getting educated on their options. Our media properties and events are a trusted source for conducting research.

Pet food industry decision makers primary sources of information when they begin researching options:

Product directory/supplier directory (print/online) 59%
Webcasts/webinars 57%
Industry media websites 60%

What can you do?

Demonstrate your Value

As they further engage with your content they arrive at the middle of the funnel where your goal is to provide context for consideration. You need to promote educational content that shows you are an option to resolve their needs. Leverage value oriented content and creative messaging to build a preference for solving challenges with your product benefits using:


During the evaluation stage the prospects have narrowed their research to a short list. Now at the Bottom of the Funnel, your salespeople get more involved. However, it will take a joint effort by sales and marketing to close the deal. During this time period you want to stay top of mind until they make a decision. Some buyers at this stage just need a little push, which could  be in the form of a special email offer to leads generated in the consideration stage. Others will require more information, education, and trust before they become your client.

Pet food industry decision makers primary sources of information when narrowing down the choices:

    Vendor content (white papers, case studies) 60%
    Industry media websites 46%
    Videos 42%

    What can you do?

    Reinforce your message

    Your bottom of the funnel tactics and channels are going to be very similar to what you use in the middle of the funnel. Be mindful of any objections your leads might have. Use content and creative messaging to overcome those objections. Deliver testimonials and success stories that mention the exact objections those buyers might have. Keep in mind that not all buyers will enter your funnel at the top. Some may discover your business near the end of their research to buy timeline. Make your brand the obvious choice using:

    In summary, you want to get noticed during the awareness stage, communicate that your benefits meet their needs during the consideration stage, and be on the short list during the evaluation phase. By engaging your prospects along the way you have laid a foundation of trust that is crucial to a successful vendor/client relationship.

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