Audience Targeted Message (eblasts)

Trying to reach the inbox of targeted pet food industry professionals?

Whether you need to promote your company's trade show booth, launch products or drive traffic to your company website, Petfood Industry understands the challenge of getting your message delivered to the right audience. Plus, not every company has a database of qualified pet food industry prospects from around the world.

An Audience Targeted Message offers a cost-effective method to broadcast a customized message to an qualified opt-in email list that meets your criteria for ideal customers. You can:

  • Build brand awareness with a niche or broad industry audience
  • Establish an effective and efficient lead generation campaign to fill your sales team's pipeline with qualified pet food industry leads
  • Attract visitors to your website by sharing educational content
  • Increase sales by connecting the right buyers and influencers for your product or service
  • Drive awareness of and targeted traffic to your trade show booth

Audience Targeted Message Program Details


  • Select your ideal target audience from over 12,600 opted-in and qualified global pet food professionals in Petfood Industry's advanced behavioral database


  • Provide your marketing message in finished HTML format
  • Use multiple hyperlinks to drive readers to the exact content you want to promote on your website


  • Digital Production Team handles testing and delivery in HTML and text formats


  • Report includes the number of sends, open rate and click-thru rate*
  • Detailed analysis available upon request

Discounts are available for multiple programs and print/online advertisers. Materials needed 15 days prior to the project start date.

Additional costs may be incurred for copywriting, design and HTML creation. Contact your Petfood Sales Manager if you need assistance and/or pricing.

*NOTE: Due to user privacy features in Apple’s iOS 15 launch, open rates for email newsletters have become inflated and are no longer reliable as an email marketing key performance indicator. While Petfood Industry will still provide “opens” in campaign reports, marketers should now treat the KPI as a directional metric rather than an exact measure. For more information, here is a document that explains impact of iOS 15 on performance-based email KPIs.

Custom Email Campaign Specifications

Petfood Industry email campaign materials should be submitted in finished HTML format.

The following criteria must be met to be considered as finished HTML format:

  • The HTML file must be submitted as an attachment with an .html extension.
  • The styles within the HTML must be applied as basic HTML
    in-line styles ; note that paragraph tags are not supported by
    Outlook, so use table formatting
  • Internal CSS style sheets are not universally rendered by email
  • Our mailer system does not allow for use of CSS styles.
  • Any images not being hosted externally must be provided
    separately in an attached zip folder.
If completed HTML cannot be provided, we are able to create a basic HTML design. Creating finished HTML email campaign material will add additional fees to the cost of the send. We have standard guidelines to follow for creating the email design.

The following must be supplied before the basic HTML design can begin:

  • Header banner – approximately 600w x 200h pixels in .gif or .jpg web format.
  • Body of text – must be supplied in a selectable format.
  • Additional images – 2-3 small images may be supplied in .gif or .jpg web format to be included.

For multiple sends of a single email campaign, the following must be provided:

  • A few slight revisions to the body copy to avoid being labeled as spam.
  • An updated subject line for each email send.

Here are list of best practices to consider when preparing an eblast campaign:

  • Utilize a strong call to action within the subject line to entice a subscriber to open the email
  • Place significant text within the top 400 pixels of the layout and ensure that it is compelling enough to stand alone without the images
  • Tailor the message specifically to your audience
  • Limit the amount of imagery being used in the design
  • A 75% text to 25% image ratio is highly recommended
  • Many e-mail providers do not allow automatic image downloads
  • Lower image ratios help HTML emails avoid spam filters

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