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Petfood Industry News directly reaches the inbox of a BPA-audited global audience of pet food company decision-makers, who need to stay informed and are actively looking for solutions to industry challenges and issues.

By advertising in our newsletter, you can create mindshare for your company and drive qualified pet food company professionals from around the world to your website where they will learn more about your product and service offerings that are available to the market. You can:

  • Gain maximum visibility alongside Petfood Industry editorial insights, data and business information
  • Speak to a highly engaged audience
  • Position your brand as a solution to trending topics being monitored by industry leaders

Petfood Industry News

Global e-newsletter sent daily on Monday-Friday. Provides a unique glimpse into the latest news and happenings in the quickly growing pet food market, including information on pet food manufacturing news, views and product information.

High Impact, Sole Sponsorship, Native Advertising Opportunity:

  • The “Message from Sponsor” is placed in-line with the editorial headlines in a native ad format, blending text and images
  • Expanded ad content block commands attention, with ample room for an in-newsletter message
  • Optionally, a call-to action may click externally to the sponsor’s website
  • One ad space available per day
  • Total BPA verified subscribers: 21,267
  • Average open rate: 39.2%*
Geographical Breakdown
>> US & Canada - 52%
>> Africa & Middle East - 4%
>> Mexico/Central America/South America - 7%
>> Europe - 19%
>> Asia/Pacific - 16%
>> No Region - 2% Trending Topics


  • Total engaged subscribers: 13,358
  • Average open rate: 46.4%*
  • Weekly e-newsletter sent each Saturday
  • Highlights the five most popular stories on from that week in a condensed, mobile-optimized format
Geographical Breakdown
>> US & Canada - 55%
>> Africa & Middle East - 3%
>> Mexico/Central America/South America - 7%
>> Europe - 19%
>> Asia/Pacific - 14%
>> No Region - 2%

Petfood Industry News and Trending Topics audited by:


Connect with pet food professionals looking for your brand at Petfood Forum.  A large conference and exhibition like Petfood Forum has many details, and it can be challenging to stand out. In Petfood Industry’s special edition e-newsletters, place your brand in an easy-to-digest format sent before and after Petfood Forum conferences, exhibitions and workshops.

Attendees want to maximize their show experience and quickly find key event updates. Some are not able to attend, but still want to access show information. Now, your company is front and center as everyone engages with Petfood Forum news and resources in a mobile-friendly format.



Pre-show email sent up to three times leading up to Petfood Forum to highlight exhibiting companies.

  • Promote your company’s presence at the event
  • Limited to eight exhibiting companies
  • Elements to provide include Logo, Company Description and URL

POST-Show Newsletter

  • Post-show e-newsletter sent once per week for the four weeks following the closing of Petfood Forum
  • Features content written at or after the show

*NOTE: Due to user privacy features in Apple’s iOS 15 launch, open rates for email newsletters have become inflated and are no longer reliable as an email marketing key performance indicator. While Petfood Industry will still provide “opens” in campaign reports, marketers should now treat the KPI as a directional metric rather than an exact measure. For more information, here is a document that explains impact of iOS 15 on performance-based email KPIs.

Newsletter Ad Specifications

Petfood Industry News

Native Ad Sponsor Requirements
  • Sponsor Name: displayed in eNews header/footer
  • Headline: up to 85 characters (including spaces)
  • Image: editorial style JPG image with no calls to action incorporated into the image, 550 W x 225 H at 72 dpi
  • Summary Text: brief plain-text, single paragraph (up to 260 characters)—can include call to action
  • Call to Action (optional): click-through URL (will link headline and select summary text as specified)
Sponsored Links
  • Headline: 64 characters (including spaces)
  • Description: 160 characters (including spaces)
  • Linking instructions: 1 hyperlink per insertion, no use of bold type

Note: Contact Connie Miller at to receive a materials collection form with recommended best practices for the Native Ad Sponsorship.

Trending Topics Weekly and Petfood Forum Post-Show Newsletter

Banner size (in pixels)
  • Display Banner Size (in pixels): 300w x 250h + URL
    for landing page

Petfood Forum Sneak Peek Newsletter:

Sponsor Requirements
  • Material Specifications: logo, 60-word description, booth number & website
Please provide linking instructions and digital ad materials in the following format (maximum file size 130K):
  • .jpg, .gif, png or text and native ads: .txt or .doc or via email.

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58% of pet food professionals rely on newsletters to get information that will help them do their job better

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