Display Audience Extension

Generate interest in your company’s solutions and stay top of mind until prospects are ready to buy?

Broadcast your brand message across the internet to hard-to-reach niche audiences by leveraging Petfood Industry's global audience of industry professionals.

Google search campaigns should be a part of your marketing team's tool box to reach people when they're already searching and in research-to-buy-mode. Petfood Industry can help you put your display and video ads in front of relevant pet food professionals before they start searching for what you offer. Petfood Industry's Display Audience Extension targets our niche audience on Google's Display Network to help you capture someone's attention earlier in the buying cycle.

You reach visitors who have visited Petfood Industry websites and/or fit a job function in a particular sector while working in a targeted geographic location. Our audience of pet food professionals may see your ad on a news website, blog, YouTube or somewhere else on the internet. This increased exposure complements advertising on PetfoodIndustry.com and will drive additional click-throughs and conversions.

A Display Audience Extension program can:

  • Quickly connect your brand with our website visitors by showing relevant ads as they browse browse elsewhere on the internet or spend time on YouTube
  • Reach a niche audience of pet food professionals at maximum scale without risk of wasting marketing expenditures on non-qualified pet enthusiasts
  • Create campaign timelines that cater to your objectives whether it be a quick push before an event or a push of traffic to your website
  • Amplify an existing campaign such as Native Advertising or White Papers

How it works:

  1. An initial conversation with our sales manager about your brand's content and objectives will help you choose between Google's Display Network or a YouTube campaign
  2. Next, a targeted set of buyers, decision-makers and influencers is selected from the exclusive Petfood Industry audience database of more than 73,700 pet food professionals from around the world
  3. Then, our team executes the campaign on selected channels
  4. At the conclusion of your program, you receive an executive summary of easy-to-understand metrics for each channel including the number of clicks, impressions and views.

Monthly impressions served may vary. Materials needed 15 days prior to the project start date.

Display Audience Extension Specifications

Google Display Ad Campaign

Please provide at least 5 different banner ads and  URL hyperlinks for each campaign. We recommend the 5 highlighted banner ad sizes which represent 94% of potential inventory. We encourage submitting the 300 x 600 because it averages more than double the CTR of the other sizes. We encourage submitting more creatives. Typically, the more banners submitted the better the campaign result.


  • Our retargeting platform does not take third party ad server tags at this time.
  • Our current policy is to block India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nigeria to protect quality of click-through traffic. If these countries are required for your program notify the Sales Manager so that your needs can be addressed.


  • Animated and non-animated images
  • Format: gif, jpg, png
  • Max size: 150 kb

Animation length and speed requirements for animated ads (gif):

  • Maximum of 3 rotations (recommended)
  • The animation can only loop within 30 seconds; more than that will lead to disapproval.
  • Animated GIF ads must be slower than 5 FPS
  • Max Size: 150 kb

300w x 250h - medium rectangle
728w x 90h - leaderboard
160w x 600h - wide skyscraper
320w x 50h - mobile banner
300w x 600h - half-page ad

Additional sizes - square and rectangle

200w x 200h - small square

250w x 250h - square

336w x 280h - large rectangle

240w x 400h - vertical rectangle

250w × 360h - triple widescreen

580w × 400h - netboard

Additional sizes - Skyscraper

120w x 600h - skyscraper

300 x 1050 - Portrait

Additional sizes - leaderboard

468w x 60h - banner

930 × 180 - top banner

970 × 90 - large leaderboard

970 × 250 - billboard

980 × 120 - panorama

Additional sizes - Mobile

300w x 50h - mobile banner

320w x 100h - large mobile banner

Regionally available ad sizes

If your campaign focus is Poland, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, or Norway, consider adding additional regionally available sizes detailed here.

Google Display Network - YouTube Campaign

When to choose it - You want to advertise videos on YouTube and across the Google Display Network. These campaigns let you show video ads on their own or within other streaming video content on YouTube and across the Google Display Network.

Watt can retarget to our audience through YouTube. Clients will provide video and links. WATT may assist in writing headlines and copy if needed.

Materials needed

  • All videos need to be hosted on YouTube. Submit Video URL of currently hosted video on YouTube.
    Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mwtYJM2APw
  • Headline: 100 characters
  • Description 1:  35 characters
  • Description 2: 35 characters


In-stream ads

In-stream ads play before, during, or after another video onYouTube or video partners on the Display Network. They give viewers the optionto skip the ad after 5 seconds.

Example of Video Ad (formerly In stream video ads)

Example of Video Partner In stream ad

Video discovery ad

Video discovery ads only appear on YouTube and reach people in places where they’re discovering content. The appearance will vary, depending on the ad sizes and ad formats that content publishers support. When a viewer clicks the thumbnail for your ad, the video will play on its YouTube watch or channel page.  

Video discovery ad as YouTube related ad

For more information on YouTube Ad formats: https://support.google.com/displayspecs/#topic=4588474

Google overview of video campaigns: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/6340491?hl=en

Important Information

Customer Survey Insights

56% of pet food professionals have clicked on an advertisement

88% said they have visited a company's website as a result of viewing an advertisement


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