PETFOOD Marketing

with multi-channel targeting

Integrating multiple marketing channels to amplify your brand throughout Petfood Industry’s online and offline touchpoints helps your business reach buyers wherever they engage. The key to this strategy is leveraging our array of media marketing solutions combined with unique industry events, plus our expertise and knowledge in understanding each audience. Read on to learn more…


of subscribers took one or more actions to progress the buyers journey as a result of advertisements or articles in Petfood Industry.


of Petfood Forum attendees took meetings with exhibitors and nearly 8 in 10 found new companies to do business with.


touchpoint opportunities on average, per month through Petfood Industry's print and digital channels.


Our newsletters offer more touchpoint opportunities per month than other industry media.

Sources: Survey of Petfood Forum attendees, May 2023. Petfood Industry June 2023 BPA Brand Report

Benefits of a 3rd Party Verified AUDIENCE

Smart marketers like you need confidence that your ad investment will reach the right audience. With Petfood Industry’s verified media in print and digital channels, advertisers gain targeting advantages that focus on quality and engagement, full transparency with a proven audience, and a media buy that provides effectiveness and ROI. Make the smart choice, always use verified media.



Petfood Industry is the only BPA audited magazine in pet food media and delivers unparalleled global reach to buyers and influencers when integrated with our digital channels and events. Tap into the power of Petfood Industry magazine reader’s loyalty, as demonstrated by subscribers maintaining an 89% renewal rate by direct request.


Connect face-to-face with the most influential people in pet food around the world, by being a Petfood Forum event sponsor. The value of in-person meetings and networking opportunities continues to increase, making sponsorship a key component to any marketing campaign.



PetfoodIndustry.com’s BPA verified audience delivers proven engagement with original and unique editorial content serving the entire pet food manufacturing supply chain.


Connect with industry professionals where they spend most of their workday, their email inbox. The only daily newsletter in pet food media, BPA audited Petfood Industry News delivers high engagement to an opted in global audience.

ADVERTISING Opportunities

Social & Display Audience extension

Reach targeted influential pet food professionals outside their daily work routine on social networks and websites they visit. By connecting with them where they spend time, marketers increase the frequency of impressions and click throughs.


Targeted email marketing is a critical part of a strategic, multi-channel marketing plan. Increase the likelihood of your message being opened, read and clicked on when you send through a trusted and recognized resource.

communication Opportunities

Bottom Line

A multi-channel campaign can help your company develop a brand that is recognized by its current and potential customers, as well as the overall industry. Even better, four of Petfood Industry brand's six media channels are BPA audited and verified, offering the most transparent and high-quality audience of any petfood media brand!

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