AGRIFOOD Marketing

with multi-channel targeting

Integrating multiple marketing channels to amplify your brand throughout WATT’s online and offline touchpoints helps your business reach buyers wherever they engage. The key to this strategy is leveraging our array of media marketing solutions combined with unique industry events, plus our expertise and knowledge in understanding each audience. Read on to learn more…


of agrifood professionals use magazine advertising when they are starting to think about making a purchase.


of agrifood professionals attend conferences/exhibitions to identify and research potential products or services.


of agrifood professionals use industry media websites to get information that helps them make purchasing decisions.


of agrifood professionals read newsletters to keep up to date on the industry.

Source WATT Global Media agrifood audience survey.


Creating and delivering original, trusted content through a combination of online and offline channels is powerful. Your ability to leverage this with our resources will enable prospects to encounter your brand as often as possible. A multichannel approach gives your marketing optimal success.



Including magazines in your marketing mix delivers unparalleled reach to our loyal and unique subscriber base of buyers and influencers, when integrated with our digital channels and events. Engage with the audience through the channel regularly used when they are beginning to think about a purchase.


Connect face-to-face with the most influential people in poultry and feed from around the world, by being an event sponsor. The value of in-person meetings and networking opportunities continues to increase, making sponsorship a key component to any marketing campaign.



WATT’s agrifood websites deliver proven audience engagement with original and insightful editorial content which serves the entire poultry, egg and feed production supply chain. This is a key step in reaching prospects as they near making purchase decisions.


Connect with industry professionals where they spend most of their workday, their email inbox. WATT’s agrifood newsletters provide an array of delivery options to highly engaged and opted-in audiences.

Social & Display Audience extension

Reach targeted, influential agrifood professionals outside their daily work routine on social networks and websites they visit. By connecting with them where they spend time, marketers increase the frequency of impressions and click throughs.


Targeted email marketing is a critical part of a strategic, multi-channel marketing plan. Increase the likelihood of your message being opened, read and clicked on when you send through a trusted and recognized resource.

communication Opportunities

Bottom Line

A cross-platform campaign can help a company develop a brand that is recognized by its current and potential customers, as well as the industry itself. Market share only provides a way to determine how a business looks in the short term. The mindshare you achieve with a multi-channel campaign, on the other hand, is the most useful gauge of a business’ long-term health.

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