Signet AdBrand™ Study

How does your company assess the effectiveness of your investment in magazine editions and fine-tune creative strategy? Magazine display ad performance can be difficult to measure.  When a successful product launch is on the line, your ability to test and pivot messaging is key.

The July issue of Petfood Industry offers a Signet AdBrand™ Study to test your creative messages and build on the results. The study provides valuable reader feedback and analysis on reader perceptions and recollections of the ad. Find out if your ad gets noticed, read and acted upon.

Use the results:

  • Discover new ways to communicate with your target market
  • See comparisons with other ads in the issue
  • Build a better ad based on the findings
  • Realize an even stronger return on your advertising investment

Dispel uncertainty and maximize your return on investment with a Signet AdBrand™ Study. Then, use the report to tweak your creative for the remainder of the campaign. This is offered to marketers placing a 1/3-page (or larger) advertisement at no additional cost ($5,000 value).

Advertisers receive a full report of the study which includes:

  • Company awareness, purchase consideration and perception of brand attributes scores for each ad (including your competitors) in the issue
  • Analysis of your individual ad performance
  • Detailed information on reader demographics and behaviors
  • Verbatim feedback from readers
  • List of contacts who requested additional information about your products and services

2022 Schedule:

  • July Issue

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2022 Schedule: July Issue

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