Feed Strategy Events

How do you inform the industry that your brand, products and services are solutions to meet the needs of a changing, global animal feed production environment?

It is crowded out there, and thousands of feed industry professionals need direction to find industry solutions and leaders.

Evolving consumer preferences — and an increasing interest in the farm-to-fork origins of animal protein production influence how animal feed is formulated and produced. Feed Strategy magazine hosts its Feed Strategy Event series to provide animal feed stakeholders with tools to maintain productivity and profitability in a changing production landscape.

Feed Strategy Seminar | Co-located with VIV Asia
>> Free seminar focuses on African swine fever (ASF) mitigation strategies made possible by the inclusion of proven feed additive solutions and enhanced biosecurity
Feed Strategy Virtual Conference: Poultry trends, feeding & health
>> Paid half day at IPPE 2022 delves into the economic and nutrition issues influencing 2021 poultry and feed production
>> The conference includes a plenary session addressing macro-economic and consumer issues, a track for poultry producers with an emphasis on gut health and a third track targeted to feed manufacturers and nutritionists focused on elevating poultry feed formulations and production
>> From the examination of global protein trends to strategies for successful antibiotic-free production, poultry and feed industry stakeholders can attend this forum to glean leading-edge insights into critical issues impacting their poultry operations’ productivity and profitability

As a sponsor at Feed Strategy Events, you can:

  • Access the right marketing venue for companies involved with supplying feed additives to animal sectors or feed equipment suppliers
  • Go beyond advertising to further enhance your company’s brand
  • Be first to sign up for sponsorship packages that maximize your exposure across multiple opportunities before, during and after the event
  • Attain high value and exposure from being featured in event promotions

All event sponsorships are sold on a first come, first served basis. Contact your WATT Global Media Sales Manager for options, pricing and details.

For more information, visit www.FeedStrategyEvents.com

Customer Survey Insights

54% of agrifood professionals attend conferences/exhibitions (virtual or in-person) to keep up to date in the industry

56% obtain technical or reference information at the conferences and exhibitions


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