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Feed & Grain magazine provides practical and real life industry innovations that can be integrated into the workflow of grain and feed facilities. From prevention of cross contamination, equipment efficiencies, how to avoid safety incidents, and ways to maintain quality and increase profitability, all aspects of the industry are covered in one place.

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Tyson Foods
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Belstra Milling Company
Senior Manager of Quality
The Andersons Inc
Feed Department Manager
New Cooperative Inc

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Feed & Grain Editorial Calendar 2024

Issue Emphasis Topics Product Showcases Event Preview Bonus
Value Added
January Feed Trends Construction Dust Control & Explosion Prevention

Design, Construction & Remodeling

Maintenance, Motors & Personnel Elevators
Feed Mill of the Future Conference
IPPE 12/6/23 12/12/23
February/ March Future of Grain Handling Supply Chain Management Grain Storage, Fumigation & Pest Control

Drying & Aeration

Safety & Rescue Equipment
GEAPS Exchange, NGFA Annual Convention GEAPS Exchange 1/9/24 1/12/24
Transportation Commodities Outlook Operations Management Software


Renovation & Bin Cleaning
3/7/24 3/13/24
June/July Grain Quality Mycotoxin Testing Cleaning Equipment & Magnets

Grain Testing & Analysis

Feed AdBrand Study 5/8/24 5/13/24
August/ September
Labor Management Maintenance Conveying & Material Handling

Bags, Bagging & Palletizing
7/8/24 7/12/24
October/ November Grain & Feed Processing Facility Automation Mixing & Batching

Milling & Grinding; Automated Control Systems
NGFA CEC NGFA CEC 9/9/24 9/13/24
December Industry Resource Guide Directory and Buyers Guide IPPE,
GEAPS Exchange,
11/7/24 11/13/24

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