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How can you distinguish your company’s brand and boost website visits from the animal feed industry?

Make solid connections with professionals from feed manufacturers/mills, nutritionists, feed formulators, and c-level executives and decision-makers while they visit

Qualified decision-makers go to the stand-alone website,, for relevant content, new product information and practical data. Associate your brand as a marketplace leader by informing them of your company’s solutions, which can drive traffic to your website and generate valuable leads. advertisers deliver their brand messages to more than 36,000 unique visitors each month, who come to our site for a broad spectrum of informative business content including:

  • Breaking industry news
  • Easy-to-digest, actionable guidance on timely topics and animal feed market trends
  • Exclusive, in-depth articles in our digital magazine written by our domain expert editor, staff nutritionist and contributors

Your banners are featured prominently on the home page along with these popular site sections:

  • Dedicated blogs, podcasts and webinars featuring expert insights and commentary from editors and contributors
  • Detailed company information in the global Top Feed Companies database
  • Data and interactive spreadsheets in the Animal Feed Formulation Library
  • Business improving information via our upcoming "Feed Mill of the Future" section (launching in October 2021)

More than 76,000 page views per month
Average of 52,000 site visits per month
Average of 36,000 unique visitors per month
More than 9,000 registered site users

Available Banner Advertising Options

See the specs tab for approximate page position. The Super Billboard is a premium upgrade to the Leaderboard position. And the Dynamic Content Marketing Banner is an upgrade to the top rotation position. The Rotation-Panorama’s wide canvas commands the attention of readers and is an upgrade for the in-content Rotation position.

  • Leaderboard: 970 x 250 / 300 x 50 (mobile)** (728 x 90 is being phased out)
  • Top: Medium Rectangle 300 x 250 / See 300 x 600 upgrade option below
  • Rotation: Medium Rectangle 300 x 250 / See upgrade option below
  • Rotation - Panorama: 600 x 200 / 300 x 250 (mobile)**
  • Bottom Leaderboard: 728 x 90 / 300 x 50 (mobile)

**Both sizes are needed to ensure visibility on all devices

High Impact Advertising Options
  • Leaderboard Upgrade - Super Billboard or Super Billboard Video - 2048 x  480 Responsive (learn more)
  • Top Upgrade - Dynamic Content Marketing Banners - 300 x 600 (desktop) dynamic HTML banner resizes to 300 x 250 (mobile) (learn more)
  • Rotation Upgrade - Dynamic Content Marketing Banners - Dynamic HTML banner sizes vary by format (learn more)
  • Native Advertising - Article housed on and promoted on the home page and in the Feed Strategy eNews. (learn more)

Banner creative with a clear call to action pushes buyers who are “in market” to your website to learn more. Plus, value-oriented messaging builds preference for your product over competitive offerings.

Banner sizes (in pixels)
  • Leaderboard: 970 x 250 / 300 x 50 (mobile)** (728 x 90 is being phased out)
  • Leaderboard Upgrade: Super Billboard - see specs here
  • Top: 300w x 250h
  • Top - 300 x 600 Upgrade: Dynamic Content Marketing Banner - see specs here
  • Rotation: 300w x 250h
  • Rotation-Panorama: 600w x 200h (desktop view), 300w x 250h(mobile view)
  • Rotation Upgrade: Dynamic Content Marketing Banner - see specs here
  • Bottom Leaderboard: 728 x 90 / 300 x 50 (mobile)**

**Both sizes are needed to ensure visibility on all devices

Please provide linking instructions and digital ad materials in the following format (the file size must remain under 130K):

  • .jpg, .png or .gif files only, no .swf or audio files permitted
  • Animation allowed: No looping beyond 15 seconds.(Flashing, high contrast, fast moving and bright color animation are not recommended.)

Below are the approximate page position/options for each banner. Availability of individual banner sizes vary by website, ad channel, or page type.

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48% of agrifood professionals have clicked on an advertisement

80% said they have visited a company's website as a result of viewing an advertisement

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