Native Advertising

How do you create deeper connections with customers and prospects through content marketing?

Native campaigns offer a promotional outlet to position your company as a thought leader by repurposing your content marketing assets for a new and relevant audience.

With a Native Advertising program, you can:

  • Promote your sponsored content adjacent to our editorial content
  • Showcase brand expertise to establish your company as a thought leader
  • Send qualified audience from,, or to your website for a deeper dive into your educational information                              
  • Accelerate conversion of prospects to customers
  • Repurpose content that your team has already invested in creating

The Native Advertising program includes two options:

Native Article Topic Page:

  • Dedicated topic page driving traffic to 3 or 4 high-value articles on your website
  • Host all articles or supplement headlines with trusted WATT Global Media content that aligns with your topic Article headline and first few sentences with links to full articles on your website - great for Search Engine Optimization
  • Weekly updates with new educational content or rotate highly read articles

Native Article Page:

  • Your single article lives on our website with your company byline
  • Develop or repackage article into editorial style
  • Can include an embedded YouTube video or SlideShare
  • Author byline labeled as “brand insights from [your name]” with up to 4 keywords linked to your site - great for Search Engine Optimization

How is Native Advertising promoted?

Both options include a multi-channel awareness campaign designed to drive qualified WATT audience to your website:

  • 2 banner ad positions (leaderboard and medium rectangle) on sponsor Native landing page - 100% share of voice - no other banner ads appear
  • Headline is promoted as sponsored content adjacent to featured editorial on Home and Channel pages of,, or
  • Sponsored link appears in appropriate WATT e-newsletters
  • Editorial article in an appropriate WATT e-newsletter one time per week, per month

Contact your WATT Global Media Sales Manager for complete program specifications and pricing information. Materials needed 15 days prior to the project start date.

Native Advertising Campaign Specifications

You provide the following:

  • Web addresses (URL’s) to existing articles on your website
    Topic Page Option: Submit 4-7 URL’s (articles) for each month of the program
    Article Page Option: Submit 1 URL or Word .doc file
    >>At least one photo is required, may provide YouTube embed code, or up to three photos
    >>Indicate which photo is to be used in the native text and image ad
  • (1) Leaderboard banner ad + link: 970 x 250 (desktop), 300 x 50 (mobile)**  (728 x 90 is being phased out)
  • (1) Medium Rectangle banner ad: 300 x 250 + link
    >> Banner ad file size must be less than 130K.
    >> Files must be: .jpg, .gif or .png. Animation is allowed.

**Both sizes are needed to ensure visibility on all devices

Important Information

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