If your company positioned itself as a thought leader on key industry topics, what value would it bring?

When webinars are done well and provide information of value, they build trust and earn business. Producing webinars, though, involves the challenge of creating compelling content, recruiting speakers and driving registrations.

With WATT Global Media webinars, you can:

  • Leverage our engaged audience, editorial experts and market research capabilities
  • Realize the security of an experienced production team that has produced over 200 editorial, internal and sponsored webinars
  • Access proven marketing, registration and broadcast platforms for prominent branding and a professional format

The most common types of webinars are below - contact your sales manager to discuss your webinar program vision.

Two types of webinars are available:

  • Custom webinars – Position your company as a subject-matter expert and build a database of qualified leads. Deliver your message to a targeted global audience you select from our advanced behavioral database.
  • Editorial webinars – Gain positive exposure and linkage to industry experts with less time investment. Editorial webinars cover pressing industry topics, and your company’s affiliation connects your brand to important market issues.
Webinar Program Details
  • Industry-leading platform & dedicated webinar producer
  • Online registration page and custom registration URL for sponsors
  • Orientation session for speakers to ensure a flawless session
  • Sponsor a WATT Global Media webinar or work with our team to create your own custom presentation where you control topic, content and presenters.
  • Multi-channel registration development campaign including eblasts, sponsored links, editorial mention, magazine ads and LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter posts.
  • Market research opportunities include webinar registration questions (mandatory), in-webinar polling (voluntary), post-webinar survey (voluntary) and verbatim questions asked by attendees
  • GDPR compliant Excel file with registrant/attendee contact information
  • Detailed Executive Summary in PDF format that summarizes the program and is easily passed along
  • Consultation to review the Executive Summary and accelerate next steps

Contact your WATT Global Media Sales Manager for details and pricing information. Materials needed 30 days prior to the project start date.

Webinar program requirements:

WATT Global Media will prepare and execute a multi-channel registration development campaign. Here is what we need 6 weeks in advance of the webinar to start to develop the promotional campaign:

  • Webinar title – keep it brief and focus on keywords/SEO for the search engines
  • 3-5 sentence description of the webinar – top level description of the theme of the webinar and who will be presenting
  • 3-4 learning points – what the attendees will walk away from after investing an hour of their time
  • Webinar presenters name, business title, company name, headshot, brief CV, email address, mobile phone number
  • High resolution company logo
  • Webinar registration question - see details below

Best practice reference (Example)

Market Research components and deadlines (optional):

(1) webinar registration question that every webinar attendee must answer

  • Question is only available in one format – Single answer
  • Question has a 128-character limitation (including spaces)
  • Question can have a maximum of 5 answer options
  • Each answer option has a 60-character limitation (including spaces)
  • Submit with Title, Description, Learning Points and presenter information

(1) in-webinar poll question – presented by our moderator during the webinar (optional to answer)

  • Poll questions are only available in two formats - Single Answer or Multiple Answer questions
  • Each question has a 128-character limitation (including spaces)
  • Each question can have a maximum of 5 answer options
  • Each answer option has a 60-character limitation (including spaces)
  • Submit at least 1 week prior to the webinar broadcast

(1) post-webinar survey question that is sent to the webinar attendees (optional to answer)

  • Questions are available in the following formats: multiple choice with single answer; multiple choice with multiple answers; and Short Answer (essay)
  • Each question has a 128-character limitation (including spaces)
  • Each question can have a maximum of 5 answer options.
  • Each answer option has 60-character limitation (including spaces)
  • Submit at least 1 week prior to the webinar broadcast

Webinar preparation:

Customer will decide style of webinar presentation, usually selecting one company employee as presenter along with an academia or end user presenter. While WATT Global Media can recommend presenters and broker introductions the customer is ultimately responsible to secure an available broadcast date, coordinate calendars and pay honrariums (if needed).

The customer is also responsible for preparing individual and/or collective PowerPoint slide presentations, supplying them to WATT Global Media approximately 1 week prior to the live broadcast date. Have your team prepare for a 1-hour presentation.

  • 5 minutes intro and welcome by WATT editorial moderator
  • 20 minutes for presenter #1
  • Short break to do an in-webinar poll question (optional – you do not have to take advantage of this)
  • 20 minutes for presenter #2
  • 15 minutes for question and answer period (please prepare 3-4 “seed questions” that the moderator will ask the presenters to start this section)
  • Short wrap up, reminder to take the post webinar survey and thank you to our sponsor by the moderator
  • You can slightly modify the above webinar timeline to suit your needs
  • Use of video by the presenters is encouraged for best engagement but not necessary

Important Information

If your company is producing your own webinars, WATT Global Media offers packages to drive additional registrations for your live or on-demand broadcast. Contact your WATT Sales Manager to learn more.

Customer Survey Insights

57% of agrifood professionals surveyed rely on Webinars as a source of information to do their job


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