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How would it help your company to have stronger connections with poultry industry leaders worldwide?

Keep your emerging opportunities and existing products and services visible to prospects and customers in the developing and mature poultry markets. Poultry International serves as the global resource for the poultry meat and egg industries.

In Poultry International, you can:

  • Inform potential prospects of your brand and influence their decision making
  • Access a wide array of poultry meat and egg professionals in 184 countries
  • Align your brand alongside practical business applications, in-depth market information and top poultry company data
  • Broadcast your marketing message with business information that helps shape the global industry. Reach English language poultry professionals in Central/South American, Mexico and Spain.

Notable Subscribers
AVP  Procurement
Betagro PCL
Senior Vice President
CP  Group
Plukon Food Group
Nutrition Executive
RCL Foods
International  Production, LDC

Geographical Breakdown
Asia/Pacific - 9,600
Europe - 4,100
Middle East/Africa - 5,500
Mexico/Central America/South America - 3,100
Total  Subscribers - 23,259

Job Function
Primary Business & Industry Profile

WATT Poultry International Editorial Calendar 2023

Topics Event Preview Bonus Distribution/
Value Added
Space Closing Materials
January Nutrition IPPE 12/1/22 12/6/22
February Flock Health VIV Asia VIV Asia 1/6/23 1/11/23
March Broiler Management 2/1/23 2/3/23
April Latin America Top Companies CAHE Asia CAHE Asia 3/3/23 3/8/23
May Nutrition and Feed Survey European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition European Symposium of Poultry Nutrition 4/5/23 4/10/23
June Poultry Processing
VIV Turkey VIV Turkey 5/3/23 5/8/23
July Who's Who International Directory Directory Listing/Logo 6/2/23 6/7/23
August Health & Nutition SPACE SPACE

Poultry AdBrand Study
6/30/23 7/5/23
September Nutrition 8/2/23 8/7/23
October Top Companies VIV MEA Poultry Tech Summit
9/5/23 9/8/23
November Flock Health 10/2/23 10/5/23
December Processing IPPE 2024 IPPE 2024 10/31/23 11/3/23

Print Advertisement Specifications

Please provide ad materials in the following format:

>> Acrobat: .pdf (PDF/x-1a is the required format for all submissions.) All images MUST be hi-resolution (at least 300 dpi). Convert files to process colors (CMYK). Pantone and spot colors will be converted and may cause a color shift.

Digital material submissions and inquiries:
Please direct all inquiries regarding digital product materials to ads@wattglobal.com.
Please send all materials (including URL information) to ads@wattglobal.com. Files must be PDFs created using PDF/x-1a settings.

Download full specifications document with bleed instructions and illustrations here.

Topics Bonus Distribution/
Value Added
Space Closing Materials
January Nutrition IPPE 2022 Atlanta 12/2/21 12/6/21
February Flock health 1/6/22 1/11/22
March Broiler/Layer Management 2/1/22 2/4/22
April Latin America Top Co
CAHE Preview
VIV Europe/Victam International
3/1/22 3/4/22
May Nutriton and Feed Survey Directory listing/logo 4/5/22 4/8/22
June Poultry Processing 5/4/22 5/9/22
July Who's Who Poultry Solutions Directory
World Poultry S cience Association Poultry Congress Preview
6/9/22 6/14/22
August Health and Nutrition

SPACE Preview
SPACE 6/30/22 7/5/22
September Nutrition 8/2/22 8/5/22
October World's Top Poultry Companies EuroTier Preview EuroTier 9/1/22 9/6/22
November Flock Health 9/30/22 10/5/22
December Processing
IPPE 2023 Atlanta
IPPE 2023 Atlanta 11/1/22 11/4/22

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