Egg Industry Special Report: Top U.S. Egg Companies

How can you place your brand in front of a global audience of egg industry professionals?

The layer niche market is actively searching for product solutions to pressing industry issues.

With Egg Industry’s annual Special Report: Top U.S. Egg Companies, you can:

  • Promote your products and services to qualified, global decision-makers in the layer industry
  • Keep your brand in the forefront in this sought-after industry reference guide used all year long
  • Place your message next to exclusive information on the largest egg companies in the U.S.

For decades, Egg Industry’s annual Top Egg Company survey results have been recognized as the source for information about egg producers in the USA. Due to our global layer audience positive response to Top Egg Company data we have increased distribution from 2,000 in USA only to 14,000 globally. Released in January, this special report is distributed digitally to a global audience two additional times (April and July) and includes bonus print distribution for IPPE 2023, VIV Asia 2023, The Peak 2023, Poultry Tech Summit 2023, and VIV MEA 2023.

Distribution: 13,400

Print Advertisement Specifications

Please provide ad materials in the following format:

>> Acrobat: .pdf (PDF/x-1a is the required format for all submissions.) All images MUST be hi-resolution (at least 300 dpi). Convert files to process colors (CMYK). Pantone and spot colors will be converted and may cause a color shift.

Digital material submissions and inquiries:
Please direct all inquiries regarding digital product materials to
Please send all materials (including URL information) to Files must be PDFs created using PDF/x-1a settings.

Download full specifications document with bleed instructions and illustrations here.

Orientation Inches
width x depth
width x depth
2 page spread
Non-bleed 15.25 x 10 388 x 254
Full page
Non-bleed 7.375 x 10 188 x 254
2/3 page
Non-bleed - vertical 4.5 x 10 114 x 254
1/2 page
Horizontal - 3 columns 7.375 x 4.625 188 x 118
Island - 2 columns 4.5 x 7.5 114 x 191
Vertical - 1/2 page 3.375 x 10 85 x 254
1/3 page
Horizontal - 3 columns 7.375 x 3.25 188 x 83
Square - 2 columns 4.5 x 4.625 114 x 118
Vertical - 1 column 2.125 x 10 54 x 254
1/4 page
Horizontal - 3 columns 7.375 x 2.625 188 x 67
Square - 2 columns 4.5 x 3.625 114 x 92
Vertical - 1/2 page 3.375 x 4.625 85 x 118
Island - 1 column 2.125 x 7.375 54 x 188

Important Information

Space Closing 12/7/2022

Materials Closing 12/12/22

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