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How are you positioning your company as an innovative leader on key poultry, swine, dairy and animal feed topics? Newsletters directly reach the inbox of an engaged, global audience of industry decision-makers who want to stay informed and are actively looking for solutions to industry issues.

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WATT Poultry Update

This global e-newsletter is sent daily Monday through Friday each week to poultry growers, producers, and integrators.

  • Total engaged subscribers: 23,100
  • Average open rate: 20%*
  • 6 total ad spaces available (choose between banner ad or text ad)
Geographical Breakdown
>> US & Canada - 32%
>> Africa & Middle East - 14%
>> Mexico/Central America/South America - 15%
>> Europe - 15%
>> Asia/Pacific - 22%
>> No Region - 2%

Poultry Future

This global e-newsletter which explores the feasibility of new technologies through the lens of consumer trends is sent two days per week on Tuesday and Thursday. It provides an advance look at how poultry will be raised, processed, marketed and distributed in the future supply chain.

  • Total engaged subscribers: 21,000
  • Average open rate: 24%*
  • Four advertising slots per issue (banner or text)
  • Alternatively, pending space availability, it may be purchased as a sole native sponsorship format
Geographical Breakdown
>> US & Canada - 40%
>> Africa & Middle East - 11%
>> Mexico/Central America/South America - 14%
>> Europe - 16%
>> Asia/Pacific - 17%
>> No Region - 2%

Egg Industry Insight

This weekly e-newsletter is sent each Wednesday to layer industry professionals in the U.S. and around the globe, and includes practical business applications for egg production and processing plus news and exclusive top company production data. Egg Industry Insight delivers actionable information from advice on raising pullets to marketing eggs and everything in between.

  • Total engaged subscribers: 12,500
  • Average open rate: 27%*
  • Six total ad spaces available (choose between banner ad or text ad)
Geographical Breakdown
>> US & Canada - 49%
>> Africa & Middle East - 8%
>> Mexico/Central America/South America - 11%
>> Europe - 17%
>> Asia/Pacific - 14%
>> No Region - 1% Trending Topics

Weekly e-newsletter is sent each Sunday highlighting the week's five most popular stories on in a condensed format.

  • Total engaged subscribers: 17,800
  • Average open rate: 26%*
  • Two total 300 x 250 ad spaces available (banner only - no text ads)
Geographical Breakdown
>> US & Canada - 36%
>> Africa & Middle East - 12%
>> Mexico/Central America/South America - 12%
>> Europe - 16%
>> Asia/Pacific - 20%
>> No Region - 4%

*NOTE: Due to user privacy features in Apple’s iOS 15 launch, open rates for email newsletters have become inflated and are no longer reliable as an email marketing key performance indicator. While WATT Global Media will still provide “opens” in campaign reports, marketers should now treat the KPI as a directional metric rather than an exact measure. For more information, here is a document that explains impact of iOS 15 on performance-based email KPIs.

Digital Newsletters Specifications

*Note: All character counts for text ads include spaces.

Ad Specifications Poultry Update Egg Industry Insight Poultry Future
Banner: 300w x 250h +click through URL
•.jpg, .gif and .png files
•Max file size 130kb
•Headline: 64 characters or less
•Description: 160 characters or less
Sole Sponsorship
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•Headline: up to 85 characters
•Image: 680w x 363h
Width is fixed, height can be slightly adjusted
•Summary Text: Up to 260 characters
•Call to Action (optional): Link text with click-through URL
*Note: Must purchase all four slots. Check with sales manager on availability.

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58% of agrifood professionals rely on newsletters to keep them up to date on the industry

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