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Poultry International China is the Mandarin language business resource for the Chinese poultry industry.

How would your company benefit from reaching professionals in the fast growing Chinese breeder/broiler industry? Take advantage of our decades long experience of understanding the issues and opportunities in the Chinese poultry market to ensure your success.

With Poultry International China, you can:

  • Have your product or service advertisement seen by commercial breeder and broiler professionals in China.
  • Reach key stakeholders at poultry farms and poultry processing facilities such as veterinarians, nutritionists and poultry feed formulators and manufacturers, live production managers, and experts/scholars
  • Link your message to business improving content, including Chinese poultry dynamics, advanced poultry farming technologies and new and improved products
  • Position your brand as a thought leader alongside analysis of Chinese poultry industry trends
  • Serve as an effective information resource for decision-makers in the research-to-buy timeline

Poultry International China Editorial Calendar 2022

Topics Bonus Distribution/Value Added Space
Jan/Feb ·Food chain reform and nutrition-enhanced poultry production
·The new pattern of broiler breeding in China and the world
International Production
& Processing Expo (IPPE 2022)
Dec 15,
Dec 20,
Mar/Apr ·Carbon-neutral poultry farms and sustainable development
·The impact of regional development on the international trade of chicken meat
China Feed Expo (CFE) 2022 Feb 16,
Feb 21,
May/Jun ·The impact of feed corn and soybean meal reduction on poultry production in China
·The practice and progress of poultry antibiotic reduction in China, Europe and the United States
China Animal Husbandry Expo (CAHE 2022) Apr 15,
Apr 20,
Jul/Aug ·Digital upgrading and challenges of the poultry industry
·Poultry production cost and supply chain value-added
International Poultry Forum China (IPFC 2022) Jun 15,
Jun 20,
Sept/Oct ·China's Poultry Farm Welfare Improvement Action
·Sustainable development of poultry enterprises and corporate social responsibility
SPACE 2021;VIV Qingdao 2022;World Egg China Day (WECD); VIV ASIA 2022 Aug 16,
Aug 19,
Nov/Dec ·Innovation and application of poultry production water cleaning technology
·Review and future outlook of the global poultry industry in 2022
EuroTier 2022 Oct 17,
Oct 20,
※ The specific time of the exhibition will be adjusted due to force majeure such as Covid-19

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Island - 2 columns 4.5 x 7.5 114 x 191
Vertical - 1/2 page 3.375 x 10 85 x 254
1/3 page
Horizontal - 3 columns 7.375 x 3.25 188 x 83
Square - 2 columns 4.5 x 4.625 114 x 118
Vertical - 1 column 2.125 x 10 54 x 254
1/4 page
Horizontal - 3 columns 7.375 x 2.625 188 x 67
Square - 2 columns 4.5 x 3.625 114 x 92
Vertical - 1/2 page 3.375 x 4.625 85 x 118
Island - 1 column 2.125 x 7.375 54 x 188

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