Market Video Chat

How are you using video to foster trust in your company’s brand?

Effective marketing videos present your products in a conversational form and deliver information to improve business without selling.

The Poultry or Animal Feed Chat Video Interview marries benefits of video and Native Advertising to ensure sponsors deliver a short, educational message alongside trusted WATT editorial video chats.

How it works:

  • Work with WATT editorial to create two or three seed questions that will be used to interview your domain expert – this is the foundation of the interview
  • Length and style matter. Keep the video interview under 5-minutes and in an educational format (not advertorial/commercial)
  • Video chat sponsor receives verbal mention and has their website and logo displayed in the intro/outro of the video – terrific branding
  • Practice makes perfect. Interviewee should practice answering the questions and the timing of the interview with their team prior to the interview with WATT editor. We employ a “single take” interview policy and do not conduct a rehearsal.

How is the video promoted?

  • Sponsor interview is housed on the Video Chat section of and/or
  • Full transcript of the video interview is also posted on the same page – great for SEO
  • Article appears in WATT Poultry Update and/or Feed Strategy eNews alerting readers of the sponsor video interview
  • Video interview is promoted via WATT Poultry and/or Feed Strategy Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter channels
  • Increase engagement by publishing the link to the video chat interview on your website, enewsletter and social media channels

Video Chat Preparation Checklist

  • Prepare 2-4 questions which the editor will review in your pre-chat strategy meeting.
  • 2 to 3 sentence company introduction
  • High resolution logo
  • Company or product landing page URL for the intro "fade"

Important Information

Customer Survey Insights

68% of agri food professionals would like to obtain information from video interviews with industry leaders or experts

49% would like to see videos of equipment demonstrations


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