Magazine Advertorials

How can you communicate in-depth product information as an article in a magazine?

Conventional print ads emphasize branding over detailed product information. But, with a little design and copy writing creativity you can purchase a print ad and execute it as an advertorial. Print advertising is traditionally designed around top-of-the-funnel branding objectives and advertorials are not a replacement. However, they can be an effective addition to the marketing mix in order to progress bottom-of-the-funnel prospects through the buyer’s journey.

An advertorial is in essence a cross between an advertisement and editorial. Having both the look and feel of a news article, readers will associate your ad with our editorial reputation. As with a traditional print ad, advertorial content should be engaging, but it can go into much more detail about the product or service benefits and features.

Tips for a Successful Advertorial

Writing an effective advertorial can be challenging and should reflect an editorial tone of voice. Our experienced staff is prepared and ready to assist with any copy-writing needs you may have.*

  • Focus your advertorial content on the needs of the target audience.
  • Optimal headlines ignite audience interest by conveying how you to solve their problems instead of simply listing a product name.
  • Deliver on an editorial promise and ensure readers gain valuable information for investing time with your content.
  • Avoid being overtly promotional, position your product benefits in the context of being a solution for audience needs.
  • Honor journalistic integrity with your product claims and label your advertorial as an “advertisement”.

    Note: If an Advertorial does not clearly state it is sponsored content, WATT will add the label. The line will be in 9 pt. Helvetica Neue Medium, with the company name appearing in italic, as shown in the sample below:

    Sponsored content by DSM Nutritional Products


*Copywriting, layout and design available. Additional charges may apply.


Print Advertisement Specifications

Please provide ad materials in the following format:

>> Acrobat: .pdf (PDF/x-1a is the required format for all submissions.) All images MUST be hi-resolution (at least 300 dpi). Convert files to process colors (CMYK). Pantone and spot colors will be converted and may cause a color shift.

Digital material submissions and inquiries:
Please direct all inquiries regarding digital product materials to
Please send all materials (including URL information) to Files must be PDFs created using PDF/x-1a settings.

Download full specifications document with bleed instructions and illustrations here.

Orientation Inches
width x depth
width x depth
2 page spread
Non-bleed 15.25 x 10 388 x 254
Full page
Non-bleed 7.375 x 10 188 x 254
2/3 page
Non-bleed - vertical 4.5 x 10 114 x 254
1/2 page
Horizontal - 3 columns 7.375 x 4.625 188 x 118
Island - 2 columns 4.5 x 7.5 114 x 191
Vertical - 1/2 page 3.375 x 10 85 x 254
1/3 page
Horizontal - 3 columns 7.375 x 3.25 188 x 83
Square - 2 columns 4.5 x 4.625 114 x 118
Vertical - 1 column 2.125 x 10 54 x 254
1/4 page
Horizontal - 3 columns 7.375 x 2.625 188 x 67
Square - 2 columns 4.5 x 3.625 114 x 92
Vertical - 1/2 page 3.375 x 4.625 85 x 118
Island - 1 column 2.125 x 7.375 54 x 188
1/6 page
Horizontal - 2 columns 4.5 x 2.375 114 x 60
Vertical - 1 column 2.125 x 4.625 54 x 118
Banner - 3 columns 7.375 x 1.5 188 x 38
1/8 page
Horizontal - 2 columns 4.5 x 1.875 114 x 47
Square - 1/2 page 3.375 x 2.25 86 x 57
Vertical - 1 column 2.125 x 3.625 54 x 92

Important Information

Customer Survey Insights

49% of agrifood professionals use digital magazines to obtain technical or reference information

51% use digital magazines to learn from case studies


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